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  • The Wiki wishes to reach 1,000 questions by January 1, 2012.

Active AdministratorsEdit

  1. Arceus The God of Pokemon - Bureaucrat, Sysop, Rollback (Active)
  2. KidVegeta - Bureaucrat, Sysop, Rollback (Inactive)
  3. Destructivedisk - Sysop, Rollback (Inactive)
  4. Chocolateaddictjr - Sysop, Rollback (Active)
  5. DBZGamingAddict - Sysop, Rollback (Inactive July 2nd-August 13th)
  6. Frieza Sama - Bureaucrat (Inactive)


  • April 30th 2011 - Having demoted himself, SSWerty has left the Wiki. Destructivedisk has taken his place. KidVegeta has been promoted to Bureaucrat. Frieza Sama has been promoted to Bureaucrat, for back up reasons. However, he will be inactive until emergencies.
  • April 29th - Arceus The God of Pokemon has regained his Bureaucrat rights and promoted KidVegeta to Sysop and SSWerty to Bureaucrat.
  • April 24th 2011 - Wiki Founder and Bureaucrat Arceus The God of Pokemon has accidently demoted himself.
  • April 23rd 2011 - Dragon Ball Fanon Answers Wiki has been started!